Budget 2017

The City of Fredericton’s long-term planning and steady focus on implementing its plans to achieve results for the community has led to the City delivering a balanced budget with service improvements during a time of low revenue growth.

Fredericton City Council approved the City of Fredericton’s 2017 Budget as part of a Council budget meeting held on December 12, 2016. The $113.2 million dollar General Fund budget comes with no tax rate increase, maintains or improves existing services, and achieves more than $1.1 million in efficiencies. 

$17.5 million is earmarked for the capital budget and $787,930 will be provided in grants to community groups.

Recreation fees will increase in the areas of hourly field rentals, community room rentals, and outside user fees. Fees will also increase for Transit Rider Cards and Transit Charters.

Council earlier approved a Water & Sewer Utility budget of $19.1 million, with a capital budget of $9.1 million. While the quarterly combined water & sewer rate will remain at $1.68/m³, the quarterly service charge is being increased from $92.86 to $102.90. The rate increase will support much needed reinvestment in replacing old infrastructure.

For budget highlights and news release, click here.

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