Working Committee on Community/University Relations

The Mayor's Working Committee on Community/University Relations works to foster better communication between the City of Fredericton and its two Universities for the purpose of generating greater opportunities for the community as a whole.

The Committee is made up of interested stakeholders with representation from City Council, the Office of the City Administrator, the universities, downtown business, and citizens at large. The Mayor and both University presidents are ex-officio members. The Committee meets on an as-needed basis.

This committee’s duties include:

  • discussing and finding solutions to various community/university issues
  • making recommendations to City Council and the universities on issues such as diversity and inclusion, off-campus student housing, student transit, alumni events, and living well together in our neighborhoods.

For more information, contact the Recreation, Culture & Community Development Division.

Good Neighbours/Good Neighbourhood Subcommittee

In response to a number of incidents that occurred in the College Hill Neighbourhood in 2007, a Good Neighbours/Good Neighbourhood Subcommittee was formed as part of the Mayor's Working Committee on Community/University Relations. The subcommittee’s action plan was released in 2008.