Fredericton / City Hall / Council committees

Meetings of Council

Fredericton City Council normally holds Regular Council meetings on the second and fourth Mondays of every month. These meetings usually start at 7:30 pm.

Council-in-Committee (CIC) meetings are usually held on the first, third, and, when they occur, the fifth Mondays of the month. These meetings normally start at 7 pm.

Exceptions to meeting dates and times are made based on holidays, the need to meet, and during the summer months.

During regular Council meetings, Council will formally receive reports, vote on by-laws, and consider financial and other matters. Council uses a consent agenda at these meetings to deal with previously approved items or to receive items for information. Council may speak to items on the consent agenda or pull them for further discussion. Other matters are dealt with accordingly.

CIC meetings are working meetings where City Council receives reports and presentations from staff and delegations. Council may receive presentations for information purposes, approve items, direct staff to take further action, or refer matters on to a regular Council meeting for formal ratification and / or further consideration.