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A vibrant, well-designed, people-focused downtown is essential to the health of any city. The urban core is the heart of the city as a whole—and a heart needs to be strong and vigorous. That’s why Fredericton has prepared, and continues to update, a comprehensive City Centre Plan.

The City Centre Plan, last updated in 1997, was completely rewritten in 2015 to reflect the needs of a modern Fredericton. It provides detailed information related to building design, sidewalk design, the pedestrian environment, parking lot design, open space, and land use pattern in the downtown. The intent is to create an urban design theme that links the entire city centre together in a cohesive manner in order to guide development in the downtown for the next decade and beyond.

A plan review is being conducted by The Planning Partnership, a multidisciplinary practice providing land use planning, urban design, landscape architecture, and consultation services to public and private sector clients from Toronto. The project is being funded jointly by Downtown Fredericton Inc. and the City of Fredericton. The City Centre Plan and urban design review process is tied to the City’s Municipal Plan and will eventually result in a new Secondary Plan for the downtown.

The City Centre Plan can be found here.

For more about the plan, contact Community Planning.

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