Plans & Processes

The City of Fredericton is currently seeking input from residents on four City Centre Plan implementation projects. These initiatives based on the recommendations of the recently adopted City Centre Plan and Garrison District Master Plan include:

City Centre Built Form Design Guidelines is a form-based code approach that will direct and shape the on-going development of downtown building according to good urban design principles.

City Centre Street Design Manual that will serve as a guide to the role, function, and design of the public right of ways within Fredericton City Centre, from the perspective of the public realm as experienced by pedestrians. 

The introduction of a new shared-street design vision to help shape Carleton Street into a pedestrian priority space.

A bold concept plan for Officers’ Square that will transform downtown Fredericton’s premiere public open space into a more vibrant and resilient, multi-use community gathering area.

Comments can be made by e-mail at: or by telephone at: 506-460-2020.

The City of Fredericton uses various specific plans to provide frameworks to inform positive change and development in the neighbourhoods that make up the city. Each plan considers a variety of goals and works within broader objectives established for the city as a whole. Quality community planning recognizes the parts of the community valued by its citizens, and addresses the specific issues and initiatives of each area.

With input from both citizens and planning experts, Fredericton’s future is guided by a number of plans, processes and surveys.