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City of Fredericton bylaws often refer to Provincial Legislation, such as the Municipalities Act, Community Planning Act, Unsightly Premises Act, etc.  For details, click below:

Province of New Brunswick Acts and Regulations


By-law Index

This page features all of the City of Fredericton's by-laws. As per the Official Languages Act, the City of Fredericton must translate all of its bylaws. That process is now underway. French by-laws are posted to the website as they are approved by City Council.

The City of Fredericton has a number of by-laws:
By-Laws Respecting Administrative Matters
By-Laws Respecting Land Use
By-Laws Respecting Regulations and Licensing
By-Laws Respecting Safety
By-Laws Respecting Traffic and Streets
By-Laws Respecting City Works
By-Laws Respecting Zoning

By-laws can be examined in the Office of the City Clerk located at City Hall, between the hours of 8:15 a.m. and 4:30 p.m. inclusive on regular business days or an electronic version can be accessed by using the link below.

The electronic versions of the by-laws are in pdf format and are provided for your convenience. Although every effort has been made to ensure the accuracy of its contents, the City of Fredericton does not assume any responsibility for the reliability of the contents. If an official version of a by-law is required or to ensure that there have been no subsequent amendments, reference must be made to the paper version of the document which is held in the City Clerk's Office.

If you encounter difficulties downloading any of the by-laws, please contact the City Clerk's Office.

Please be advised that, as the Zoning By-law is amended on a regular basis, all zoning and amendments must be confirmed with planning staff. A full copy of the Zoning By-law and large size prints of the zoning maps are available for purchase, please contact the Development Services Department.

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By-laws Respecting Administrative Matters

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By-laws Respecting Land Use

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By-laws Respecting Regulations And Licensing

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By-laws Respecting Safety

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By-laws Respecting City Works

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By-laws Respecting Zoning

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