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BizPaL Helpful Hints

Read these helpful hints before using BizPaL:

  • Business Type Not Found: Please note that some types of businesses are not yet included in BizPaL. Contact us if you cannot find a suitable category. BizPal

  • Mandatory Questions: ALL questions must be answered before continuing to the next step.

  • Asterisk: An asterisk beside a permit or licence name indicates that you must contact the issuing organization and provide more information to determine if you need this permit or licence.

  • Results Page: After you answer all questions and obtain your results page, you can begin to contact the issuing organizations to proceed with acquiring your permits and licences.


Information for this Online Business Permit and Licence service is a collaborative effort of the Government of Canada and participating provincial, territorial, regional, and local governments.  Every effort is made to ensure the accuracy, currency and reliability of the content, however, it should not be considered, and is not a substitution for, legal advice regarding the requirements for establishing a business. It is the responsibility of the business person to make certain that all required permits and licences are obtained. The information presented is based on typical business scenarios and may not be complete for an entrepreneur trying to establish a business that is out of the ordinary.

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