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Fredericton citizens express high level of satisfaction with City services

Photo of surveyFredericton, NB (September 12, 2011) – Fredericton citizens have expressed a high level of satisfaction with the services, programs and facilities currently being provided by the City of Fredericton. They have also indicated a positive perception of their city as a place to live, work and play. These are the key findings of the 2011 Citizen Attitude Survey.

"The City of Fredericton has conducted a Citizen Attitude Survey every second year since 1985," said Wayne Knorr, Communications Manager for the City of Fredericton. "The survey provides valuable insights into what citizens are thinking and how the municipality can do a better job."

Conducted by MarketQuest-Omnifact (MQO) Research on behalf of the City of Fredericton, a total of 406 Fredericton residents took the 10-12 minute survey from June 22-29, 2011. The sample size was sufficient to provide a high level of confidence (±4.86% margin of error at the 95% confidence level). Result highlights follow.

Perceptions of the City:

  • Most citizens have a positive perception of Fredericton, with slightly more than one-half (52%) of citizens stating that it is an "excellent" place to live and a further 41% stating it is a "good" place to live.
  • Citizens also consider the City of Fredericton to be a safe place to live, with respondents indicating that they consider Fredericton to be either a "very safe" (36%) or "safe" (62%) place to live.
  • In terms of economic growth and business development, 42% feel the City is doing "better" today than two years ago, while 46% feel the City is doing "about the same." The outlook for the future is strong.

Services, Programs and Facilities:

  • The vast majority of citizens are either "very satisfied" (42%) or "somewhat satisfied" (49%) with the services provided by the Fredericton Police Force.
  • The same majority of citizens reported that they were either "very satisfied" (69%) or "somewhat satisfied" (22%) with the services provided by the Fredericton Fire Department.
  • The Engineering & Public Works Department got high marks for garbage collection service (94%), water and sewer service (90%) and street and sidewalk cleanliness (90%).
  • In terms of the Development Services Department, performance ratings were highest for preserving the City’s historic buildings (4.0 out of 5.0), promoting the City as a tourist destination (3.9) and promoting/supporting the arts community (3.8).
  • Most citizens (89%) are satisfied with the recreational programs and services offered by the City’s Community Services Department. The City’s walking trails continue to be the most widely used recreational facility (87%). Parks and playgrounds are also popular (73%).
  • Nearly all citizens (96%) feel it is important for the City to have a public transit system. In fact, the majority (88%) describe it as being "very important."

Contact with the City:

  • Over the past twelve months, 36% of citizens surveyed indicated they had contacted the City of Fredericton about City services. The main method of contact was by telephone (82%). Most citizens have favourable opinions about City employees (93% perceive them as friendly and courteous).
  • Survey respondents report radio (71%), print newspapers (68%) and friends/neighbours (63%) are the most common means of keeping informed about the City’s services and activities. Slightly more than one-half of citizens (55%) use the City of Fredericton web site.
  • About half (48%) of respondents indicated they got information about the City from online news, while just a small proportion of citizens currently use social networking sites such as Facebook (14%) and Twitter (4%) to follow activities at the City.

Value for Property Taxes:

  • For the first time, citizens were asked to assess overall value for their money in terms of the municipal services received and the taxes they pay to the City of Fredericton.
  • Approximately two-thirds of citizens feel they are getting either "excellent" or "good" overall value for their money (13% and 52% respectively).
  • Main Issue Facing the City:
  • In an open ended question, citizens were asked what was the most important issues facing Fredericton in the next five years.
  • Citizens most often cited economic growth and development (26%), employment (12%) and better budgetary control (5%).

Opportunities for Improvement:

  • Overall, the City appears to be achieving success in addressing the seven social goals it has set for itself.
  • Based on the survey, however, a number of opportunities for improvement have been identified, including:
    • public education efforts by police and fire
    • snow plowing for streets and sidewalks
    • street maintenance and,
    • bylaw enforcement
  • The report recommends that the City should focus on ways to improve satisfaction in these areas, either by improving the service or better communicating issues regarding the service.
  • With opinions often formed based on misunderstandings and/or lack of information, the City should continue to communicate and demonstrate the value for money citizens receive from their tax dollars.

For more on the City of Fredericton’s 2011 Citizen Attitude Survey, visit, and search for the survey.


Media Contact: Wayne Knorr, Communications Manager, City of Fredericton, 506-460-2181

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