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Residential Typologies



Summary of the Issue of Home Occupations (Text-only)

Home Occupations are small-scale commercial activities that are compatible with residential uses. Home officesádo notáreceive any clients; Home-based businesses receive a limited number of clients.

What are the benefits?

Home occupations are low impact activities that attract a limited number of customers.
They allow people to make a living from home and provide income opportunities for retired persons.
They reduce the need to drive to work and allow more time with family.

What are the problems?

Some operators exceed the limits for conducting home occupations, such as storing things in their yards or attracting clients regularly to the point that they bring problems and cause disturbances for the neighbours.

Examples of Home Offices

  • Computer-based businesses
  • Professional offices
  • Sales Representative, Mail order business and/or telemarketing (as long as customers do not arrive on the property to buy merchandise)

Examples of Home-based Businesses

  • Personal services with one chair (ie, hair stylist)
  • Personal instructor
  • Counsellor
  • Seamstress, tailor
  • Studio for artist, crafts person, photographer
  • Limited food production for sale off-property
  • Massage therapist, acupuncturist
  • Recording studio (soundproof)

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