Poet Laureate


Cultural Laureate 2016-2018

Ian LeTourneau


Click below for poems by Ian LeTourneau for the City of Fredericton.

In order to celebrate the richness and diversity of the culture of Fredericton, to represent the artistic voice of the city, and to promote and nurture the arts for all citizens, the City of Fredericton created the role of Cultural Laureate.

The city’s first-ever Cultural Laureate, local poet, editor, and instructor, Ian LeTourneau, was appointed to the position in February 2016, and will serve for two years.

As a representative of the city, Mr. LeTourneau works to highlight and celebrate the city’s history and relevant features of its present-day social, cultural, and economic makeup. As an advocate for the arts, he supports and raises the profile of Fredericton’s vibrant artistic community and heritage. Through public appearances and outreach activities in partnership with the Fredericton Public Library, he reaches out to a broad public.

LeTourneau is the author of Defining Range (Gaspereau Press, 2006) and Terminal Moraine (Thistledown Press, 2008) and has published poems and reviews in numerous magazines across the country.  He has served on the Writer’s Federation of New Brunswick’s board of directors and the Writer’s Union of Canada’s membership committee.  He is the poetry editor of The Fiddlehead, has taught numerous writing workshops with the Maritime Writer’s Workshop, and read his work at sponsored readings from Whitehorse to Cape Breton. He lives in Barkers Point with his wife and son, and he works at UNB.

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