Climate Change Adaptation Plan

Public Consultation on the Climate Change Adaptation Plan (Nov 28) – The City of Fredericton is inviting members of the public to participate in a consultation on the Climate Change Adaptation Plan. A guided consultation session will be held in the Fredericton Convention Centre, on Thursday, November 28, from 6pm – 9pm. For more, click here.

The City is developing a municipal Climate Change Adaptation Plan. The plan will be a framework and strategy for addressing climate risks and building resilience to the challenges climate change presents. The plan will focus on impacts to City infrastructure, assets, operations and service levels, building on actions the City has already taken.

Provide your Input

The public will have three opportunities to provide input on the plan.

  1. Join us on Thursday, Nov 28 from 6 pm - 9 pm at the Fredericton Convention Centre to learn more about climate projections for Fredericton and take part in the conversation about the impacts those changes could have in our community.

    Note: This session in open to the public and registration is not required, but seating is limited to 84 participants due to space and format.

  2. A follow-up survey based on themes identified in the first session will be open to the general public in early December
  3. A second in-person consultation will be scheduled for late January (exact date and location to be determined) to discuss adaptation actions that can mitigate risk and build resilience.

Get Informed

Learn more about climate change adaptation and the development of Fredericton’s adaptation plan at

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