The way we live in North America has an environmental footprint that’s about three times bigger than the earth can sustain. No wonder countries and cities around the world are committing to making choices that are less resource-intensive. As a modern, globally-conscious city, Fredericton is one of these cities making change.

The simple everyday choices we all make every day about how we move around the city, what we buy, and how we deal with our waste have big energy implications. Don’t worry, you’re not alone in your efforts. Whether you are a trying to make your home more energy efficient or introducing a new environmental program in your organization, the city has tips and sources to help you find funding help.

The city is also committed to helping Fredericton’s businesses become more sustainably-minded. City policies create incentives for companies to reduce energy consumption, invest in green technology and sustainable practices, and stimulate new employment and economic growth. “Going green” could actually save you and your company money in the long run. Here’s how.

Through a joint effort of city, citizens, and businesses, sustainability efforts can make a big difference to the planet. And it can help position Fredericton as one of the greenest cities in the world.

For more details on all of Fredericton’s sustainability programs and efforts, for residents and businesses, contact Green Matters Fredericton.