Fredericton / Fire department

Fire Permits

Commercial Fireworks Display Permit
Fireworks of any type are not permitted to be set off in the City without a permit. One of the requirements for a permit is that a licensed Display Technician be responsible for the firing of the fireworks. For more information, or to acquire a permit, contact Fire Prevention (460-2020)

Outdoor Fireplace Permit
Outdoor fireplaces and incinerators come with an obvious degree of risk, and therefore require a special permit. Before purchasing one, consult the Fire Prevention Division for permit and by-law information controlling the use of these appliances. If you meet the by-law requirements, you still require a permit to install either an outdoor fireplace or outdoor incinerator.

Application can be made by using the form below. A Fire Inspector will contact the applicant to facilitate the permit process.

Upon request, applicants will be required to submit photos of their outdoor fireplace setup and clearance distance.