Smart Cities Challenge

We’re inviting you to tell us your ideas on how to improve life in Fredericton and address the most important challenges facing our city.


Take this quick survey to tell us what issue is most important to you and how you'd like to see life improved in Fredericton.


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The City of Fredericton is participating in Infrastructure Canada’s Smart Cities Challenge – a federal government competition for municipalities to submit their best ideas for adopting a smart cities approach to improve the lives of residents. A smart cities approach involves achieving meaningful outcomes for residents through the use of data and connected technology.

We’re competing for one of two prizes of $10 million for which any community with fewer than 500,000 people are eligible. 

The first step is to create a challenge statement for our smart cities proposal. A challenge statement is a single sentence that defines the outcome the City will aim to achieve. It must be measurable, ambitious, and achievable through a proposed use of data and connected technology. See below for some examples of challenge statements.


Here are four ways to tell us your ideas:

  1. Take this quick survey to tell us what issue is most important to you and how you’d like to see life improved in Fredericton. Click here to take the survey.
  2. Submit your ideas here on our website by posting your ideas in the input boxes below 
  3. Post and share your ideas on Twitter using #SmartCityFredericton or on Facebook tagging the page "City of Fredericton Government".
  4. Send us an email

The Mayor’s Smart City Task Force will collect input from all channels until February 28, 2018. 


Challenge statements center around one main challenge and include an ambitious and measurable outcome that the City should aim to achieve to address that challenge. 

Below, for illustrative purposes only, are examples of challenge statements. 

  • Feel safe and secure – The neighbourhood in our community with the highest crime rate will become safer than the national average.
  • Move around my community – Our community will ensure that every senior who is able to live independently at home is empowered to do so.
  • Be empowered and included in society – Our community will ensure that every person without a home has access to nightly shelter, and will connect 100 percent of vulnerable residents with the services, activities and programs that are known to reduce the risk of homelessness.
  • Live an active and healthy life – Our community will become 50 percent more active and healthy, and achieve a measurable decrease in chronic disease.

Send us an email with your challenge statement.


The Mayor’s Smart City Task Force is a cross-section of community partners and thought leaders in technical innovation, entrepreneurship and social innovation. It has representatives from the non-profit, university and startup and business sectors. 
The task force has three main roles and objectives: 

  • To provide direction, input and advice on challenges and opportunities that should be acted on to make Fredericton a smarter city. 
  • To inspire collaboration with other task force members and the City to create new partnerships that provide social and economic impact through a smart cities approach. 
  • To develop innovative project ideas that provide social and economic impact.  

The task force, established in January, has been given the responsibility of developing the City of Fredericton’s proposal for its application for the Smart Cities Challenge. It will collect and evaluate the submitted ideas for the challenge statement to build the proposal around.   

The task force will continue to work together after the proposal is submitted to foster collaboration and innovation on social, technical and entrepreneurial partnerships that will make Fredericton a smarter city.  

Click here to see a list of task force members. 


Terms and Conditions

By submitting your idea to the City of Fredericton, you acknowledge that the City is under no obligation to consider or use your idea in any way, and that the City may, at its discretion, use, modify, or adapt your idea for City purposes without acknowledgment or recognition.