Transit Strategic Plan

A review of Fredericton’s current transit system as well as survey results and next steps have been presented to members of the City’s Transportation Committee.  The update provides an overview of the City’s current transit system, findings based on public engagement and stakeholder meetings held in January, and the results of an online survey.

  • Transit Strategic Plan Update and Survey Results
  1. News Release: Transit Strategic Plan Update and Survey Results Released
  2. Stantec Performance Review
  • Stantec Presentation - plan for Fredericton Transit Strategic Plan
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The City of Fredericton has hired Stantec to prepare a Strategic Plan for Fredericton Transit.

The Strategic Plan will identify forward-thinking Transit system management strategies based on the Plan objectives which include:

  • Maximizing the efficiency of Fredericton Transit as a whole;
  • Assessing route performance and potential improvement options;
  • Investigating on-board technology to enhance service delivery;
  • Identifying future service requirements based on growth projections; and,
  • Evaluating current fare structure

The consultant will carry out research, review data, identify best practices, and gather community feedback, all of which will be compiled in a final draft report. The new Transit Strategic Plan will support the Community Goals identified in the Fredericton Growth Strategy.

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