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Criminal Record Checks

There are many reasons – from employment to immigration to volunteering – that may require you to have a criminal record check performed. The Fredericton Police Force performs such checks for City residents, while residents from outside the City should visit their police authority or contact the RCMP.

Making your application

Begin your application by completing the online form found on this page.

If you are applying for the purpose of volunteering your services in the community, you are eligible for a reduced rate. To be eligible for this rate, you must provide an official letter on agency letterhead that includes:

  • applicant’s name
  • a statement that the applicant is in fact a volunteer,
  • a signature from a member of the agency

You must then bring your printed and completed application form, along with any necessary supporting documentation, in person, to the City of Fredericton Service Centre. You will be required to produce two pieces of identification, one of which must be government-issued and include your name, date of birth, signature, and photo.

Vulnerable Sector Check

If the nature of work, whether paid or volunteer, places the applicant in a position of trust over vulnerable persons (youth, elderly, mentally or physically challenged, addicted persons) a waiver must be signed permitting the screening for existing pardons. Applicants must provide an official letter on agency letterhead that includes:

  • a request from the organization that the vulnerable sector screening be performed,
  • an explanation of the nature of the employment or volunteer work,
  • information about the specific sector over which the applicant will be in a position of trust, and
  • a signature from a member of the agency.

Applicants for Vulnerable Sector Checks should be aware that police may request you to submit to fingerprinting, which may involve an additional charge*. The fingerprints will be sent to the RCMP to compare to existing pardons for sex offences on their vulnerable sector database. This process may cause a delay in the receipt of your check. For further information regarding Vulnerable Sector Checks, please refer to the RCMP website.

For additional application assistance, follow the Criminal Record Check Application Checklist.

Picking up your criminal record check

Criminal record check letters are generally available two to three weeks after application is made. Confirm online whether your letter is ready for pick-up by visiting Completed Criminal Records. Your letter is ready if your unique identifier code, found on your payment receipt, appears in the posted list.

Criminal record checks are available for pick-up at the Fredericton Police Force Headquarters. Upon pickup, you must produce two pieces of identification, one of which must be government issued and include your name, date of birth, signature, and photo.


A fee of $28.75, (HST included) will be charged for employment and immigration purposes.

A fee of $11.30, (HST included) will be charged for persons volunteering their time in the community.

Payment will be accepted in the form of debit, cheque, cash or major credit card.

*A $25.00 processing fee is charged by the RCMP in the event that the initial check produces a match in the pardoned sex offender database based on date of birth and gender

Note: The Fredericton Police Force can perform criminal record checks only for residents of the City of Fredericton. All non-residents must visit the police agency serving the area in which they reside. For a map of the city limits, please click here.

Completed Criminal Record Checks

If your criminal record check has been completed, you will see your unique identifier number—as it appears on your payment receipt—on this page. If you don’t see your number, please return soon to check again. Your letter will not be available for pickup at Fredericton Police Force Headquarters until your unique identifier number appears in the list.