A New Chapter Begins: NBEX and the City of Fredericton Commit to Equal Partnership

The NBEX and the City of Fredericton are entering a new era of collaboration with the signing of a Letter of Intent which cements their commitment to working as equal partners in the future development of the NBEX site.

The City and the NBEX will work hand-in-hand during the coming years to develop the site in a way that reinvigorates the NBEX while preserving and protecting the cherished tradition of the agricultural exhibition. Both City Council and the NBEX Board recently voted in favour of signing the Letter of Intent, which brings to a close a long period of tension during which there was little development and reinvestment in the site.

Mike Vokey, Executive Directors of the NBEX, explained that NBEX leadership and senior City staff met frequently during the past several months to hammer out the framework for the partnership. “It’s been a long road and a lot of hard work, but I’m proud to say we’re finally at a place of true collaboration. This has been and will continue to be a team effort with the City.”

A joint Land Development Committee will be established in the coming weeks with the goal of exploring development options for the site. An eventual Site Development Plan will be created jointly by the City and the NBEX.

“The City’s relationship with the NBEX has a troubled history, but we’re moving on together in a spirit of openness, cooperation and a deep respect for tradition. Everyone around the table is focused on doing what’s best for the NBEX and for our citizens,” said Mayor Mike O’Brien. “This is an exciting new chapter for the NBEX and for Fredericton, and I’m tremendously proud of both organizations for getting us here.”