Active Transportation Connection Plan


The City invites the public to participate in an online survey on cycling in Fredericton to help the City set priorities for the active transportation network. The survey will be open from August 16 to September 6, 2016. CLICK HERE to take the survey or visit the Imagination Station outside City Hall for paper copies.


The City of Fredericton has begun work on an Active Transportation Connection Plan, which will help guide the growth of cycling and pedestrian infrastructure over the next 10+ years. The City has engaged Parsons – an engineering, construction, technical and management services firm – to help create the plan.

As a first step, the City is gathering public input in order to understand the needs and wants of the citizens of Fredericton and to identify gaps and opportunities in the current trail and bike lane network.


About the Active Transportation Connection Plan 

The Trails/Bikeways Master Plan, created in 2007, was the starting point for the City in active transportation planning in Fredericton. It is now time to update this work. Some of the key questions that the Active Transportation Connection Plan will consider are:

  1. What are the biggest gaps in the trail network?
  2. What are the biggest gaps in the bike lane network?
  3. How should the City upgrade bike lanes through intersections and how should they be prioritized?
  4. How should trail crossings of streets be treated?
  5. What future trail or bike lane connections should the City be pursuing?

The City of Fredericton greatly appreciates the public’s interest in this exercise. If you have any questions about this project, please contact Service Fredericton at 460-2020 or