Artists Invited to Submit Designs for Pedway Mural

The City of Fredericton is inviting local artists to submit design concepts for a mural on the base of the Pedway that crosses over Ste. Anne Boulevard and connects Carleton Street to the riverfront trail system.  This project is an opportunity to promote, foster, and support the vibrant art community of Fredericton, while contributing to its beautification.

This project is open to individuals or teams of artists, designers, and graffiti artists residing in the Fredericton area. Applications are open to both emerging and established artists. Collaborations which would combine design and mural experience are welcome. All great ideas and designs will be considered.

This is a highly visible location with motor, pedestrian and cycle traffic by both residents and visitors.  The Selection Committee will be looking for exceptional designs with broad appeal and which are appropriate for the high-profile waterfront public space.  The mural must be engaging and contribute to civic pride. The successful design will create a sense of place and be a landmark in a City known for arts and culture.

The selection will be made through a two-step juried process.  The Selection Committee will review all submissions and select a short-list of applicants to submit a more detailed proposal.  The Committee reserves the right to not select any of the design submissions.

The mural is meant to be temporary and will have a two-to-five-year lifespan. The City of Fredericton can remove the mural at its discretion, or when it begins to fade. At the City’s discretion, the artists may be asked to sign an agreement to maintain the mural over its lifespan. This might include having the artists re-apply colours to correct fading, cover tagging, etc. Compensation will be offered.

The base is eight-sided with a total surface area of no more than 932 ft2.  The largest surface faces the river, with dimensions of approximately 11 ft x 20 ft.  On the opposite side, three walls of roughly 7 ft x 13 ft each can be seen from various directions of the riverfront trail. Due to a wrap-around staircase, four other wall surfaces vary in size and visibility. Visual details can be seen on Google Maps, Street View.

Artists must be able to complete the mural by the end of August 2019.  To apply, please submit the following by June 28, 2019:

  • Resume
  • Cover letter indicating experience and capability to execute a mural project
  • Examples of past work
  • Rough sketch of proposed mural design concept
  • Written description of the mural concept, colour scheme and any other relevant details
  • Realistic and detailed budget of artist fees, expenses, and materials (not exceeding $5,000)
  • All documents should be sent by email to in a single PDF document

For more information, email, or call 506-460-2411.