Better flood protection for Fredericton residents and businesses

The climate crisis is driving extreme weather events in communities from coast to coast to coast. As these events become more frequent, more severe, and more damaging, they threaten our health and safety and disrupt local economies. With three major floods over the past 11 years, residents in Fredericton and the surrounding area have faced the impacts of the climate crisis first hand, including the high cost of recovery.

The Prime Minister, Justin Trudeau, today announced new funding to help protect the wider Fredericton community from future flooding.

Federal investments of $11.4 million will help the city better protect key transportation systems and municipal infrastructure so essential services can continue during floods. They will also create and expand wetland areas to improve local resilience to flooding. In the coming weeks, further investments totalling $120 million will be announced to help other flood-prone regions across Canada, and support climate resiliency and disaster mitigation projects in our communities.

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