Chris Ramsey Will Chair Regional Aquatics Facility Development Project

The City of Fredericton is pleased to announce that Chris Ramsey has agreed to lead the early development and project launch phase of the development of a new aquatics centre for the Greater Fredericton Region. Chris has graciously volunteered to spearhead the next essential steps in bringing this important project to reality, which will involve:

  • establishing design, location and costing for an aquatics centre that is cost-effective and meets the needs of the community;
  • securing major funding partners such as provincial and federal government, regional LSDs and universities;
  • establishing an appropriate facility ownership and operating model;
  • driving a community-focused capital campaign; and,
  • transitioning the project into its next phase: construction. 

In this critical role, Mr. Ramsey will work closely with, and be supported by, the City of Fredericton, passionate members of the community and his existing team of passionate aquatics community members that make up the Capital Region Aquatics Facility Team (CRAFT). Mr. Ramsey will be the chief spokesperson for all aspects of the pool project.

“We are so pleased that Chris has agreed to apply his skills and energy to making this project a reality.  His passion for the project has been clear since the closure of the Sir Max Aitken pool became an issue for this community.  We feel he has the right combination of experience and drive to make a new pool happen and to put together the necessary components,” said Mayor Mike O’Brien.

"My initial steps here will be to mobilize a team and begin to put in place the necessary components to begin securing funding from major partners and a community-focused capital campaign,” said Mr. Ramsey.

“The first order of business is to put together various design and location options and gather community feedback so we can land on what, exactly, we are going to build, specific location and cost estimates.  Once we have those in place, we should be ready to hit the streets and start driving our funding campaigns.”

“I want to recognize the City of Fredericton and UNB for committing to supporting the new pool, and also CRAFT and the entire aquatics community for never losing their faith or passion on this and continuing to rally to help get us to this important milestone," Mr. Ramsey added.

About Chris Ramsey:

Chris Ramsey has demonstrated throughout his career the ability to build and scale successful organizations and businesses from the ground up, typically in highly complex market environments; having spent the bulk the past 25 years building start-ups and working in senior executive roles in larger multi-national corporations such as Microsoft and 

Most recently, Mr. Ramsey co-founded and built Radian6, a Fredericton-based technology company that was acquired by in 2011. Radian6 resulted in hundreds of millions of dollars imported into the province of NB via a combination of exponential revenue growth and acquisition proceeds; hundreds of net new jobs created in NB and NS; and the importing of as a major employer in both Fredericton and Saint John. 

After spending several years at Salesforce building and operating his global sales and strategic partnerships teams, Mr. Ramsey took on the community effort of helping to lead a small team to save Crabbe Mountain and transition it from its previous owners to a new set of passionate, local owners.  Mr. Ramsey got involved with the need for a new pool in Fredericton in 2016 and has been diligently helping the community drive the importance of this project to the region, most recently in his role as President, Capital Region Aquatics Facility Team (CRAFT).