City announces construction improvement projects for summer 2019

As part of the City of Fredericton’s ongoing investment of taxpayer dollars in capital improvement efforts, the City’s engineering staff have announced this year’s overall summer construction list for Fredericton.  It includes four major road improvement projects designed and scheduled in such a way as to minimize significant traffic impacts on city residents.

“Presentations have already been made to key stakeholders about the projects and communication with them will continue throughout the construction period,” said Coun. Kevin Darrah, Chair of the City’s Transportation Committee.  “There are fewer major projects than last year, but they are important to improving infrastructure, as well as overall traffic flow and safety in the city.  I want to thank our residents in advance for their patience and understanding during our upcoming summer construction period.”

The complete list of construction projects can be at  Further details on major closures will be announced as contracts are tendered and weather permits.  The major construction improvement projects include:

Smythe Street – This major construction project will involve a full closure of Smythe Street from Heather Terrace to Parkside Drive. The work, which will get underway at the end of May and last until mid-October, will allow for the replacement of water and sewer pipes. Nearby businesses will remain open.

Wilsey Road – This major construction project will require a full closure of Wilsey Road from Kimble Drive to Mcnair Street.  The starting date for this 10-12 week project is still being determined, but it will be phased in two parts so that traffic can always access Innovation Road.  The work will see a replacement of water and sewer pipes, as well as the paving of a new multi-use trail from Kimble Drive to McNair Street on the west side of Wilsey Road.  Nearby businesses will remain open.

Victoria Circle – This major construction project will result in the construction of a roundabout at the intersection of King Street, Brunswick Street, Point Sainte Anne Boulevard, and Smythe Street. The project, which will start at the end of June and last until mid-October, will allow for improved traffic flow and the replacement of underground services.  Nearby businesses will remain open.

Queen Street – This major construction project is expected to see Queen Street reduced to a single lane along Officers’ Square.  The work, which will likely begin in late May or early June, will involve underground infrastructure and anticipated work in Officers’ Square.  Nearby businesses will remain open.

Traffic restrictions will be in place for the duration of these projects and motorists should plan for delays.  Any transit detours will be announced.  Information meetings and direct communications will be provided to affected residents and businesses. 

Residents can help reduce traffic congestion by exploring flex time at work, taking vacation during busy construction periods, walking, biking, carpooling, using transit, allowing extra time to complete errands, and reducing or combining trips across the bridge, and around town.

The full list of all summer road construction for 2019, including smaller scale, localized residential projects and trail improvements, was presented at a meeting of the City’s Transportation Committee held on March 19, 2019.

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