City announces date for next Odell and Killarney Lake park plans open house

The City of Fredericton invites the public to attend the next round of discussions related to the park plans for Odell and Killarney Lake parks, which will be held on October 26, 2017 from 4 to 9 pm at the Fredericton Convention Centre.

The announcement was made during the October Community Services Committee, where City staff provided an overview of the park planning process so far and a summary of the key findings to date.  Highlights included:

  • During the public engagement efforts, 788 online surveys were completed and 160 people attended the scheduled public meetings.
  • This was followed by an analysis of the information collected during the consultation, as well as an environmental analysis of the parks.
  • The consultants’ learned that the vast majority of uses, both active and passive, were shared by both parks.  Park users enjoyed the added benefit of aquatic activity at Killarney Lake Park.
  • Participants in the consultation identified three key themes as it related to the future of the parks:  sustainability, activity and shared uses.  It was clear the public wanted to be good stewards of the parks.
  • The environmental analysis identified the sensitive ecologies that exist in the parks and explained the difference between the connected eco-system in Odell Park (333 ac) and the disconnected eco-system in Killarney (1882 ac)

City staff then outlined the City’s role in the park planning process. Points outlined included:

  • The municipality will continue to be good stewards of the land they have been entrusted with.
  • During the process, it will be important to listen closely to public opinion about park use. 
  • There is a need to expand the conversation to include discussions about intensity and capacity of use. 
  • It will be important to find a balance between the varied and sometimes contradictory needs and wants.
  • Ultimately, the goal will be to develop land use options that consider the pillars of sustainability, which included social, environmental and economic factors. 

During the presentation, staff also noted that the new Fredericton Growth Strategy, developed as part the Imagine Fredericton public consultation effort, identified a “green and healthy” community as being part of the strategy. Key aspects included:

  • Valued and significant natural features will be protected.
  • The city will contain a diversity of parks that celebrate nature and encourage a range of indoor and outdoor sport and recreation activities in all seasons.
  • The built environment will be designed to encourage outdoor winter activities.

Residents are being invited to the Park Plans open house to comment on preliminary park concepts and help make decisions that balance community needs with the pillars of sustainability.  During the open houses, two draws will be made as part of the park plans photo contest.

To find out more about the park plans survey and public consultation results, the environmental analysis, and the Picture the Future photo contest, visit