City announces details for next Odell and Killarney Lake park plans open house

The City of Fredericton has announced two special presentations as part of the next round of discussions related to the park plans for Odell and Killarney Lake parks, which will be held on October 26, 2017 from 4 to 9 pm at the Fredericton Convention Centre. 

Members of the consultant teams, Trace Planning and Design and the Planning Partnership, will present findings from the public engagement process so far, along with a brief summary of an environmental analysis of both Odell and Killarney Lake parks.  The first presentation will begin at 4:30pm, the same presentation will be made again at 7pm. 

Residents are being invited to the Park Plans open house to comment on preliminary park concepts and help make decisions that balance community needs with the pillars of sustainability.  During the open houses, two draws will be made as part of the park plans photo contest.

To find out more about the Park Plans open house, the park plans survey and public consultation results, the environmental analysis, and the Picture the Future photo contest, visit