City Appoints Standing Committee Members

June 13, 2016 - The City of Fredericton has appointed new chairs and members for its Standing Committees.

To a great extent, the work of Council is guided by meetings and committee work.  Standing Committees are the first point of contact for most issues.

"We have a great team of returning and new council members available to serve on our Standing Committees," said Mayor Mike O’Brien. "Together, they have the experience, energy and skill set needed to move Fredericton forward."

Following is a list of the Standing Committees and their membership:

Community Services Committee

  • Coun. Steven Hicks, Chair
  • Coun. Mark Peters, Vice-Chair
  • Coun. Dan Keenan, Member
  • Coun. Bruce Grandy, Member
  • Coun. Greg Ericson, Member

Development Committee

  • Coun. John MacDermid, Chair
  • Coun. Bruce Grandy, Vice-Chair
  • Coun. Mark Peters, Member
  • Coun. Eric Megarity, Member
  • Coun. Dan Keenan, Member

Finance & Administration Committee

  • Coun. Greg Ericson, Chair
  • Coun. Dan Keenan, Vice-Chair
  • Coun. Henri Mallet, Member
  • Coun. Eric Megarity, Member
  • Coun. Bruce Grandy, Member

Public Safety & Environment Committee

  • Coun. Stephen Chase, Chair
  • Coun. Eric Price, Vice-Chair
  • Coun. Kevin Darrah, Member
  • Coun. Greg Ericson, Member
  • Coun. Steven Hicks, Member

Transportation Committee

  • Coun. Henri Mallet, Chair
  • Coun. Kevin Darrah, Vice-Chair
  • Coun. Stephen Chase, Member
  • Coun. John MacDermid, Member
  • Coun. Bruce Grandy, Member

Information about the Strategic & External Relations Committee will be released at a later date.  Appointments to other City and community boards, commissions and committees were also made.

To find out more about the work of the committees, visit the Standing Committee web page on the City’s website (