City authorizes agreement with Deloitte to modernize municipal systems

Fredericton City Council has authorized a $2.9 million agreement with Deloitte to establish core foundational technology solutions for the municipality.

Using an Oracle Cloud based solution, Deloitte will help lay a solid foundation of customer-focused digital services for City staff to manage day-to-day business activities in Human Resource and Financial Management. This is the first step in the Digital Fredericton journey which will ultimately improve service delivery to customers.

“As a smarter, more connected city, we will be ready to adapt and evolve with the increased demand for high-quality, affordable services,” said Mayor Mike O’Brien. “This is the first of many agreements that will enhance transparent and accessible government, grow our community partnerships, and make our citizens’ lives easier and better.”

“Deloitte is privileged and excited to embark on this digital city journey, in collaboration with the City of Fredericton,” said Greg MacQuarrie, Partner at Deloitte Canada. “This inaugural, and critical, first phase will lay the foundation necessary to build a truly digital, innovative, and citizen-first city over the next five years.”

In addition to enabling the innovative digital solutions, Deloitte will be our true and collaborative cohort helping to stimulate community engagement and promote economic growth.

“We look forward to working with Deloitte to help facilitate the Digital Fredericton vision,” said Mayor O’Brien. “Municipalities across Canada talk about being innovative and putting the customer first. This agreement shows we are committed to this and we are excited to highlight our achievements.”

This agreement follows many months of City staff reviewing core systems in 2016, which led to a public request for proposal seeking digital solutions in 2017. This is a first step, and lays the foundation to help build a fully digital service experience for customers, citizens, and community partners over the next five years.

Specific questions about the agreement can be directed to Valerie Kelly, Manager of Corporate Services Renewal, at 506-460-2826 or