City Centre Built Form Design Guidelines Presented

The Fredericton City Centre Built Form Design Guidelines have been presented to members of the City’s Development Committee, for review and consideration, with the recommendation they be forwarded to City Council for adoption.  The Guidelines include policies related to scale, character and design of both public and private building developments.

“The Built Form Design Guidelines provide direction for new developments in the City Centre,” said Councillor John MacDermid, Chair of the City’s Development Committee.  “Moving forward, we now have a guide that will allow us to strategically create buildings that reinforce the vision for downtown Fredericton, based on principles of good urban design.”                                                                                                                                               

The City Centre Built Form Design Guidelines applies to all land within the City Centre and address the need for clarity and predictability on how development in the downtown is regulated. They aim to direct and shape the downtown’s development in a balanced manner, and protect and reinforce the area’s distinct history and built characteristics, while continuing to encourage investment and revitalization opportunities. 

The guidelines also include recommendations on how access, parking, and privately owned outdoor spaces should be configured.

The Built Form Design Guidelines are one of the short-term recommendations of Fredericton’s City Centre Plan, a joint initiative of Downtown Fredericton Inc. and the City of Fredericton.  The Plan, which lays out the foundation for future development in the downtown core and will help form part of the City’s new Municipal Plan, won an Award of Merit from the Canadian Institute of Planners in 2016.

Both the Fredericton City Centre Built Form Design Guidelines and the City Centre Plan are available for viewing on the City website at