City Centre Street Design Manual Presented

The Fredericton City Centre Street Design Manual has been presented to members of the City’s Development Committee, for review and consideration, with the recommendation that it be forwarded to City Council for adoption. The Street Design Manual sets out design standards for all streets in the City Centre to ensure the creation of great pedestrian spaces and a memorable identity for the city of Fredericton.

“Well designed streets are needed as a pre-condition to living in higher density areas, and work to establish an experience of urban living,” said Councillor John MacDermid, Chair of the City’s Development Committee. “The proposed City Centre Street Design Manual establishes practices meant to preserve downtown Fredericton’s already unique, historical elements, while at the same time provide guidance on streetscape investments that allow for the downtown’s continued growth.”                                                                                                                                            

The City Centre Street Design Manual applies to all streets within the City Centre, and works together with the Fredericton City Centre Plan, the Garrison District Master Plan and the Built Form Design Guidelines to create a policy framework for the downtown.

Special consideration has been given to the City Centre’s impact on the economy, environment and community. The manual includes policies for the creation of environmentally sustainable streets where walking, cycling and transit use becomes an easier choice, and developments that are planned in accordance with good design principles meant to enable investment and revitalization opportunities as market and demographic forces evolve.

Recommendations on Planting Standards, Paving Strategies, and Furniture and Lighting Strategies for the downtown are also included.

The City Centre Street Design Manual is one of the short-term recommendations of Fredericton’s City Centre Plan, a joint initiative of Downtown Fredericton Inc. and the City of Fredericton. The Plan, which lays out the foundation for future development in the downtown core and will help form part of the City’s new Municipal Plan, won an Award of Merit from the Canadian Institute of Planners in 2016.

Both the Fredericton City Centre Street Manual and the City Centre Plan are available for viewing on the City website at

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