City Crews Begin Work To Replace Wooden Boardwalk

The City of Fredericton advises the public that City crews have begun work on the wooden boardwalk and viewing platform located on the North Riverfront Trail off Cityview Avenue.  The existing boardwalk and platform has been removed and will be replaced with a new earthen berm walkway and wooden viewing platform. 

The new earthen berm structure is better suited to the area, as it is not expected to be affected by flood events. The existing wooden boardwalk had been structurally deteriorating due to repeated stresses from flooding, heaving and erosion, and was in need of significant repairs and upgrades moving forward.

The new earthen berm also allows for vegetation to be planted on either side of the structure, seamlessly blending the structure into the surrounding environment.  The finished product will result in a vegetated berm or walkway that extends into the wooden viewing platform. It will be less visible to native wildlife, minimizing environmental impact to the area. 

Work is on the new boardwalk is expected to be complete by summer 2018.  Work on the new wooden viewing platform into the wetland portion of the trail will be completed in 2019.  For more information please contact the City’s Engineering & Operations Department at 460-2020.