City introduces new Environmental Leadership initiative; launches web page

In an effort to share the City’s environmental story and achievements, while encouraging citizens and other stakeholders to act on environmental issues in our community, the City of Fredericton has introduced a new Environmental Leadership initiative and launched a new information web page.

There are seven pillars and action statements associated with the initiative.  The pillars have been identified because of their environmental impact. They are controlled to some extent by municipal policy, as well as citizen use. They include: 

  1. Smart Energy – Reducing our use and moving towards cleaner sources.
  2. Waste Diversion – Ensuring reliable service and increasing diversion.
  3. Mobility – Improving our walking, cycling and transit networks for a safe and active commute.
  4. Smart Growth – Planning for complete communities within our city.
  5. Climate Action Change – Working to reduce the impact of climate change while also preparing for the impacts.
  6. Water & Wastewater – Valuing water through conservation and proper treatment.
  7. Urban Forests & Greenspaces – Valuing our forests and parklands by conserving and maintaining them.

The web page, located at, allows citizens to explore each of the seven pillars in further detail, provides information on past and current efforts and includes tips for what residents can do at home and work to be environmental leaders every day.

“As the Environmental Leadership web page says, the City of Fredericton has established itself as an environmental leader over the past two decades through forward-thinking planning and action in areas of environmental concern,” said Fredericton Mayor Mike O’Brien. “The new web page is a start and creates a hub for information sharing.  I look forward to seeing the initiative roll out over the coming months.”

In the coming weeks, the public can expect related activity on the City of Fredericton’s social media pages and a blog that will explore each of the seven pillars further, as well as the City’s role in local environmental protection. Over the coming months, staff will also provide updates on new activities and information related to the initiative.