City invites public to submit ideas to win $10 million Smart Cities Challenge prize

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The City of Fredericton invites the public to give their ideas on improving life in Fredericton and addressing the most important challenges facing the city.

The City is participating in Infrastructure Canada’s Smart Cities Challenge – a federal government competition open to all municipalities to encourage them to adopt a smart cities approach to improve the lives of residents. A smart cities approach involves achieving meaningful outcomes for residents through the use of data and connected technology.

The City of Fredericton has a chance to win up to $10 million to implement smart city solutions to tackle an important challenge that Fredericton faces and improve the quality of life of our citizens.

“This is a big opportunity to collaborate with the community in a unique way to use innovation to make a real impact in improving the quality of life in Fredericton,” says Deputy Mayor Kate Rogers. “There are only two prizes of $10 million available to all communities across Canada with fewer than 500,000 people. But we are up to the challenge of creating a winning proposal that could potentially win millions of dollars.”

The first step is to create a challenge statement – a single sentence that defines the outcome the City will aim to achieve by implementing smart city solutions. It must be measurable, ambitious, and achievable through a proposed use of data and connected technology.

Ideas for this statement need to come from the community, so the City is requesting the public’s input in order to create a statement that reflects the needs and desires of the community. The City invites the public and community stakeholders to give their ideas on:

  • What is the most important challenge or opportunity to address in our community?
  • How could we address it through data and technology?
  • What specific outcome should we try to accomplish through our smart cities proposal?

“We welcome input from everyone – residents, community groups, businesses and other stakeholders,” says Rogers. “We’re looking to get a sense of what areas people most want to see improved and how they’d like to see it improved through using a smart cities approach. No idea is too bold or too ambitious.”

Ideas can be submitted:

A Mayor’s Smart City Task Force has been assembled to develop the proposal for the Smart Cities Challenge and help the city develop innovative social, technical and entrepreneurial partnerships to make Fredericton a smarter city. It will collect and evaluate the ideas submitted for the challenge statement to build the proposal around. The task force is a cross-section of community partners and thought leaders in technical innovation, entrepreneurship and social innovation.

“We wanted a broad representation of the social and technical parts of our community and invited representatives from the non-profit, university and startup and business sectors to join,” said Rogers. “They’ll help us craft the best proposal to win this competition.”

Input will be collected until February 28, 2018. Although the City will craft its proposal for this competition around a challenge statement that focuses on just one main idea, other promising ideas may still be considered for implementation through other avenues.

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