City of Fredericton begins Transit Strategic Plan Project, Introduces Idea Bus

The City of Fredericton has announced details and plans for public consultation as part of a Strategic Plan for Fredericton Transit, a project that aims to make transit services more effective and efficient. The outcome of the project will be a “blueprint” for Fredericton Transit on how it can better deliver services to its customers and increase ridership. 

Members of the consulting team will engage the Fredericton community from January 22nd to 25th.  Members of the consultant team and staff will be on board buses to talk with customers.  A stakeholder workshop involving major employers, social service agencies, the university and college, and community leaders is also planned. 

In a first for Fredericton, the consulting team will use a transit bus as a mobile engagement tool to reach out to the community. Emblazoned with the phrase: “Fredericton on the Move,” the engagement bus will be parked outside major points of attraction throughout the city. Interested citizens are encouraged to come onboard and share their thoughts on Fredericton Transit. 

Both riders and non-riders are also encouraged to complete an online survey at  The deadline for completion is February 9, 2018.

"As Fredericton grows, we want to ensure that our transit system responds to better serve our customers and the community” said Councillor Henri Mallet, Chair of the City’s Transportation Committee.  “The Transit Strategic Plan Project will use an innovative stakeholder engagement approach that engages customers, frontline employees, and the community.” 

"The definition of transit is quickly evolving,” says Sasha Pejcic, Stantec’s transit advisory lead. “Our project will identify a forward-looking and progressive plan for Fredericton Transit. In addition to the city’s 40-foot buses, we will offer Fredericton other mobility recommendations such as microtransit, autonomous vehicles, and integrated mobility to help Frederictonians get where they need to go in the future.” 

The Fredericton Transit Strategic Plan Project is scheduled over a three-month period, with public consultation planned for January, with draft recommendations to be presented by March 2018.  

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About Fredericton Transit
Fredericton Transit provides an expansive public transit network for people living in the urban and suburban areas of the City of Fredericton. Fredericton Transit carried nearly 1.4 million passengers in 2016, and operates 10 all-day service routes, and 2 routes operating exclusively to support peak-hour demand. Transfers between routes can be made at several key destinations in the City, including the Corbett Centre, Regent Mall and Kings Place. Fredericton Transit services other major destinations in the City including UNB, STU, and the Regent Mall. A Para Transit program consisting of 2 buses, along with a fleet of 28 low-floor buses, make public transit a feasible travel option for many.