City of Fredericton responds to language complaint against police

In the spirit of transparency and public interest, the City of Fredericton’s Chief Administrative Officer, Chris MacPherson, on behalf of the Fredericton Civic authority and the Chief of Police, Leanne Fitch, have requested the New Brunswick Police Commission assume both streams of the language complaint laid against members of the Fredericton Police Force on June 13, 2017.

The service complaint will be investigated under section 22(4)(c) of the New Brunswick Police Act which states that  “The Commission shall at the direction of the Minister, and may at the request of a board or council, investigate any matter relating to the policing of any area of the Province.”

While the conduct complaint will be covered under subsection 26.1(1) which states “Notwithstanding any other provision of this Division, if the Commission considers it to be in the public interest, it may, at any time before an arbitrator has been appointed, process a conduct complaint or takeover from a chief of police or civic authority the processing of a conduct complaint”

The Fredericton Police Force and the City of Fredericton strive to comply fully with the obligation to actively offer service to the client in the language of their choice under the Official Languages Act of New Brunswick.

We ensure that the formulation of its active offer policy matches the resources provided to police officers and clients on the ground, we continue to improve basic communication training in French for police officers currently employed by the police and have added to the criteria for selecting future recruits “a preference” for a basic qualification in French.