City Presents Draft Growth Strategy, Seeks Public Input

The City of Fredericton, following an extensive public engagement process that began in June 2016, has released the draft Growth Strategy for public review and comment.   The proposed Growth Strategy will set the framework for where and how the city should grow during the next 25 years, as well as guide policy development for a new Municipal Plan.

Based on the community’s preferred growth scenario, the draft Growth Strategy envisions a compact, efficient and sustainable city.  This will be achieved by creating a vibrant urban core, more walkable neighbourhoods with local amenities, and enhanced mobility options.

The proposed Strategy will also establish a growth boundary to support new development in alignment with the community’s desire for a more compact and sustainable city.   The growth boundary will define the areas where municipal services may be extended to support new development.  Within the growth boundary new development will be accommodated through infill and redevelopment of the urban core, as well as the creation of new neighbourhoods and mixed-use areas on undeveloped land outside the urban core.

“Throughout this public engagement process, it has become clear that our community is ready to grow in a bold, forward thinking direction,” said Fredericton Mayor Mike O’Brien.  “This proposed Growth Strategy is based on that shared vision, and will allow us to meet the goals our residents have conveyed.  Together we have imagined Fredericton’s future as a green and healthy city that is rich in history and culture, is sustainable and efficient, and is a welcoming place for current and future residents.”

The draft Growth Strategy is available on the Imagine Fredericton website at or on the City’s website here.  Public comments on the draft document are being accepted until May 29, 2017.