City Presents Intercultural Award to Dr. Cindy Brown

The City of Fredericton has recognized Dr. Cindy Brown with the fourth annual Intercultural Award for her efforts in responding to the Syrian refugee crisis and the arrival of Syrian newcomers in our community.  Dr. Brown was presented with her award this evening during the regular Council Meeting.

Dr. Cindy Brown is the Program Coordinator and Communications Manager for the Gregg Centre and an instructor and advisor with the Faculty of Arts and Department of History at the University of New Brunswick, where her current academic studies focus on the civilian experience of war.  She holds a BA (Honours History) and an MA (History) from UNB and a PhD from Western University.

Dr. Brown was an early advocate that UNB’s main role in helping welcome Syrian newcomers to Fredericton be to inform and educate the community at large.  Drawing on her past research work and experience, she was the chief organizer of multiple information sessions about the background of the refugee crisis, the logistics of resettlement and past experiences of refugees in Canada.

She has worked to help newcomer children integrate into their new community by securing their placement in summer activities and camps and also serves as the main liaison to other local organizations such as the Multicultural Association of Fredericton (MCAD) and the First Friend Community to ensure the University’s efforts work to support other initiatives.   

“Dr. Brown’s tenacious approach to helping successfully integrate newcomers to Fredericton is certainly to be admired,” said Coun. Eric Megarity, Multicultural Liaison for the City of Fredericton.  “Her open and flexible leadership style has guided UNB’s involvement in welcoming newcomers for over a year and throughout all her efforts, Cindy has demonstrated that she will work tirelessly to help others.  It’s for this reason that we recognize her with the City’s Intercultural Award tonight.”

The Intercultural Award was created to recognize an individual, group or business that has demonstrated a sustained commitment and effort to enhance Fredericton’s cultural-diversity and inclusiveness.  Nominees are evaluated based on criteria that include promoting cultural diversity and awareness, building skills and knowledge of newcomers to allow them to participate fully in our community, and encouraging involvement of newcomers in sports, the arts, and other community programs to create a sense of belonging.