City Reinforces Current Capital Project Priorities

Statement from Mayor and Council:

In light of recent media stories and community conversations about large-scale, regional capital projects, it is timely for the City of Fredericton to reinforce its current priorities in this regard.

A new Performing Arts Centre remains the City’s number one capital project priority.  Discussions continue with the Playhouse Board about how to leverage the City’s proposed $14M investment with funding from other levels of government and the private sector to build a new Performing Arts Centre.  This investment is about replacing a tired and challenged piece of infrastructure; one that plays a significant role in the economy and the quality of life of the region. 

The City remains committed to help facilitate much needed capacity upgrades at the Fredericton International Airport.  This is a $30M, shovel-ready project intended to leverage the airport’s $10M investment with equal contributions from the Provincial and Federal governments.

The City is very pleased to have expressed support for the $36M investment at UNB to advance a healthy living agenda through the creation of the Centre for Healthy Living.  The long-term focus on healthy living is fundamental to long-term success of our community and the health of the province.

As it relates to the news of an eventual closure of the pool at UNB, the City certainly understands and appreciates that both leisure and competitive aquatics play an important role in the Greater Fredericton community and that access to these types of facilities play a key role in sustaining an active lifestyle. 

As is the case in most municipalities, the City is not the only organization in the community that provides aquatic facilities and programming for its residents and those in the region.  Going forward, it will be important for all stakeholders, including the YMCA, UNB, local aquatic clubs, and all pool users, to work together to fully understand the current and future demands for aquatics and from that, what options are available to meet that demand. 

When the City’s immediate capital investment priorities are secured, and more details are known about the closure of the UNB pool, a process will be initiated to supplement information from past studies and reports with more timely information, in order to develop the best solution at the appropriate time.

Mike O’Brien, Mayor, City of Fredericton, September 28, 2016