City seeking input into online ball field review

In an effort to best determine existing ball field conditions, as well as future needs and demands, the City of Fredericton is inviting the public to participate in an online Ball Field Needs Assessment & Feasibility Study.

Baseball and softball players can visit to provide their feedback.

On the website, they can use the community map link to identify challenges and opportunities with existing fields, as well as take a survey where they can provide additional thoughts and opinions.

“Recreation is important to wellness, social interaction, and community pride,” said Coun. Henri Mallet, Chair of the City’s Community Services Committee. “Building on our Recreation Master Plan, as well as the work underway to assess the condition and value of our current recreation assets, this study will allow us to take next steps when it comes to our ball fields.”

The deadline to participate is 4:30 pm on November 1, 2019. The information collected is meant to inform the 2020 Budget process and lead to planning and design efforts in 2020. Got questions or need more information? Contact Fredericton Recreation at 506-460-2020 or

The Ball Field Needs Assessment & Feasibility Study is being conducted by Dillon Consulting Limited on behalf of the City of Fredericton. Dillon is a proudly Canadian, employee-owned professional firm specializing in planning, engineering, environmental science and management that partners with clients to provide committed collaborative and inventive solutions to complex, multi-faceted problems. The effort is intended to gather input from the public about the city’s ball fields, primarily from baseball and softball players.

In addition to the online map and survey, a stakeholder meeting will be also held to gather further input from. Once the survey is over, a public meeting will be held later in November to review the survey findings and discuss ball fields further.

The City of Fredericton currently has twenty (20) ball fields serving baseball and softball players. The Fredericton Growth Strategy (2017) identified that the City can anticipate population growth of approximately 24,000 people by the year 2041. This amount of growth has the potential to strain the City’s existing ball field supply and demand. To assess the potential options for the City to manage this growth alongside its recreational assets, it is essential to understand the current and future demand, supply, and conditions that impact ball field operations in the City of Fredericton.