City Seeks Input into Feasibility of Major Trail Upgrades, Potential Roundabout in Rookwood Avenue Area

The City of Fredericton is seeking input from residents of the Sunshine Gardens / Rookwood Avenue / Waggoner’s Lane area on plans for a potential major upgrade of the active transportation network in the area, connecting downtown parks and nearby existing trails.  Plans for the project, Rookwood Avenue: Trans-Canada Trail Connection, were first unveiled at a meeting of the City’s Transportation Committee earlier this week.

Residents unable to attend the meeting last night are invited to view the plans and submit their feedback by completing an online survey on the City’s website at

Rookwood Avenue: Trans-Canada Trail Connection will explore the feasibility of filling several gaps within the active transportation trail network in the core of Fredericton, as well as the impacts of a roundabout at Waggoner’s Lane / Rookwood Avenue.

Recommendations for the project include:

  1. Proposed roundabout at Waggoner’s Lane that will improve safety and connectivity for vehicles, pedestrians, cyclists and transit users. 
  2. A new multi-use Trail that would connect Odell and Wilmot Parks to the Valley Trail.  This would set up a future connection to the South Riverfront Trail.
  3. Rookwood Avenue narrowed to slow traffic and allow for the multi-use trail construction.

The feasibility study for Rookwood Avenue: Trans-Canada Trail Connection was made possible by a funding grant from the Federation of Canadian Municipalities (FCM) 2018 Municipalities for Climate Change Fund.  It is one of three projects being explored with the FCM funding, all three of which were identified as major transportation gaps as part of the Active Transportation Connection Plan completed in 2016.

Public input will form the basis of further discussions around a future plan and its development.

The survey for Rookwood Avenue: Trans-Canada Trail Connection will be available for viewing and discussion on the city’s website until May 14, 2019. Residents have until then to submit their comments online, or by contacting Service Fredericton at 506-460-2020 or