City seeks public input on Main Street Built Form Guidelines and Street Design Manual

Community Planning staff request the public’s input on the Street Design Manual and the Built Form Design Guidelines for Main Street.

Both the Main Street Built Form Design Guidelines and Street Design Manual are based on the recommendations of the Main Street Urban Design Plan, adopted by Fredericton City Council in February 2016.

The Street Design Manual will establish a vision for Main Street, how it should look and feel, and includes recommendations for the roadway, sidewalks, crosswalks, trees, lighting, and benches. Key objectives include the introduction of on-street parking for Main Street, establishing a flexible zone for retail and restaurant uses to animate the sidewalk, and more contemporary street furniture. 

The Built Form Design Guidelines will establish where buildings should be built, how they look, and where parking and servicing should occur. Key objectives include distinguishing Main Street from the rest of Fredericton, with more contemporary and innovative architecture, and creating a ‘front porch’ to the Northside trail by ensuring buildings face the trail in the same way they would face Main Street. 

The public is requested to provide comments on the documents, which can be found on the City’s website at by searching Main Street Urban Design Plan. Feedback will be received until March 15, 2019.

Need more information? Contact the City’s Community Planning Division at 506-460-2075 or