City to participate in Earth Hour 2017

The City of Fredericton will once again be participating in Earth Hour on Saturday, March 25 from 8:30-9:30 pm and is encouraging residents and businesses to take part as well.

For one hour, the City will turn off the interior and exterior lights at City Hall. Lights at the Police Station, York Fire Station and the Fredericton Public Library will also be turned off. Outdoor lighting at the City depots, Willie O’Ree Place, and Grant•Harvey Centre will also go dark. Areas that require lighting for safety reasons will not be affected.

Businesses are asked to turn off all external lighting, including signs, and as many internal lights that will still allow them to operate safely. Residents are encouraged to not only turn off all non-essential lights, but go a little further by turning off all electronic appliances for the hour.

This Earth Hour, donate your social power & shine a light on climate action. Visit the Earth Hour website for more info: “One Hour, No Power.”