City undertakes study of waste and recycling program

The City of Fredericton is undertaking a study of its current waste and recycling collection program.  The study will include a comparison of similar programs in other cities, recommendations on possible changes to the City’s program and a high level report on a possible residential compost program. 

GHD Limited, a national consulting firm with considerable experience in recycling and waste management will conduct the study.  The City began a request for information process in February 2016 and awarded the contract to GHD Limited in June. 

“Our waste and recycling program plays a large role in keeping our City running”, said Councillor Stephen Chase, Chair of the Public Safety & Environment Committee.  “We are going to carefully study the issues, consult with the experts and most importantly engage with the City’s residents to ensure we are responsibly addressing their environmental priorities with our waste and recycling programs.”

As part of the study, the City is conducting a community engagement process to help set priorities for the waste and recycling program. An effective community engagement process will be critical to the success of any potential changes to the existing programs, and will play an important role in forming the recommendations of the study. The community engagement process will consist of an online survey and public interview sessions at various locations throughout the city.

The City invites the public to participate in the online survey located on the City’s website between Monday, October 3 and Monday, October 31, 2016.  The City is encouraging citizens to take this opportunity to contribute to the important conversation around their waste and recycling program.

The goal of the study is to ensure that the collection program remains efficient, environmentally responsible, cost effective and appropriately addresses opportunities to divert waste from City facilities.  Fredericton currently provides curbside collection of garbage and recycling materials services to approximately 18,000 residences.

Collection is done by a private contractor and it consists of weekly garbage collection and alternating weekly recycle materials.  Residents of apartment buildings with more than 4 units and some condominium building residents can use the recycle bin program operated by the City.

Waste and recyclables are delivered to the landfill and material sorting recovery facility operated by Fredericton Regional Solid Waste, which is part of the Regional Service Commission.

For more information please visit www. or Fredericton Regional Solid Waste,