Don’t let your recyclables go to waste

“Don’t let your recyclables go to waste.” That’s the message contained in the City of Fredericton’s household, curbside recycling campaign launched last fall. The initiative, targeting individual residences and apartment buildings with four units or less is intended to help reduce the amount of recyclable material being sent to the landfill.

“A digital strategy has been the focus of the campaign so far, but starting this week, the campaign gets more focussed,” said Coun. Stephen Chase, Chair of the City’s Public Safety & Environment Committee. “That’s when households across the city will start receiving their very own ‘Recycle Me’ postcard printed on FSC certified recycled paper. This is your chance Fredericton. If you haven’t been putting your recyclables out for collection, now is the time.”

The campaign builds on two initiatives carried out by the City’s Engineering & Operations Department in 2017.

A survey of city residents was conducted in the summer of 2017. The results indicated that 71% of residents put out recyclable materials biweekly or monthly. Residents also responded that 83% regularly recycle because it is the right thing to do for the environment. A further 87% of residents responded that they have enough information about what to recycle and 77% percent responded they knew where to get additional information when needed.

This information is contrasted against the Garbage and Recycling Program Review, prepared by GHD Consultants, and presented to the City of Fredericton in March 2016.  The report indicated that only 43% of materials that could be recycled are being recycled. On average, a total of 1,300 metric tonnes of recyclable material and 12,500 metric tonnes of garbage are collected curbside in Fredericton each year.

Based on the research, it was decided a recycling public education campaign was needed to increase participation in the household, curbside collection program.  The campaign is designed to reach someone in their home and make them think about whether something goes in the garbage or can be recycled.

For more on recycling in the City of Fredericton, visit Not sure what to recycle, call the FRSW Recycle Hotline at 453-9983.  And don’t forget to take your recyclables to the curb each week.

For those who don’t have household, curbside recycling, the City of Fredericton has set up three recycling depots around the city to accept blue and grey box recyclables. Residents will find them at:

  • Capital Winter Club, 232 Rookwood Avenue – Parking lot on side of building
  • Willie O’Ree Place, 605 Cliffe Street – North corner of the main parking lot
  • Brookside Mall Parking Lot - North edge fronting Reynolds Street

Heading into 2018, the City of Fredericton will be exploring if there is a way to deliver a recycling program to multi-unit apartment buildings in Fredericton. Information on this will follow later in the year.