Draft Transit Strategic Plan Presents Vision for Growing City

The City of Fredericton has received the final draft of its new Transit Strategic Plan, which presents a forward-thinking vision that maximizes the efficiency of Fredericton Transit and supports the needs of a diverse and growing city over the coming decade.

Immediate short-term recommendations include improving pedestrian access to bus stops, revised routes that would allow for east-west travel, ways to better serve low traffic routes, the development of park and ride locations, as well as updated fares, with a special focus on low-income travellers.

Mid to long-term recommendations include a Sunday service pilot supporting key destinations on the south and north sides of the city, the potential for a north side transfer hub and the development of an EcoPass agreement with major city employers.

"I am confident that this plan will create a better working system and improve service for our transit users," said Coun. Kevin Darrah, Chair of the City's Transportation Committee. "I encourage transit users and the public to take a look at the final draft of the plan and provide feedback. This is your opportunity to have one final say."

About the Consultation

In forming the plan, Fredericton Transit engaged stakeholders with a broad spectrum of interests including transit riders and operators, non-riders, city staff, all levels of government and members of the greater Fredericton community.

Stakeholders were consulted over a three month period at the start of 2018 via internal and external group meetings, private one-on-one discussions, steering committee presentations, public engagement sessions and surveys, service ride-alongs with operators and passengers, and a roaming “Idea Bus”.

Key Recommendations

Based on community and stakeholder engagement, the plan, which was prepared by Stantec, recommends short to long term goals related to service planning and operations, technology, fares, scheduling and more. 

Immediate and Short-Term Recommendations include:

  • Develop performance criteria and service standards and develop onboard technologies that aim to ensure that transit service is attractive for the present, but also responsive for the future and relies on community engagement, goals and data-driven metrics.
  • Revised routing strategies that could include straightening routes where the street network allows for easy pedestrian access to bus stops, providing more east-west routes, or remodelling unproductive routes and replacing them with improved service frequency on demand routes. 
  • Develop park-and-ride locations to boost ridership from suburban areas and help mitigate traffic congestion in the city centre. 
  • Update fare table and begin discussions for low-income fares that reflect ability to pay and fund a sufficient amount of service.

Mid and Long-Term Recommendations include:

  • Pilot Sunday service, operating popular routes along the transit system that serve key destinations including shopping centres on the north and south sides of the city. 
  • Potential for a North Side transfer hub.  The area must be convenient and safe for transit passengers and operators, and serve a purpose beyond solely transit use.
  • Work to develop EcoPass agreements with major employers, like municipal and provincial governments to incentivize ridership. 

Find out more about the draft Plan by visiting www.FrederictonTransit.ca.  Feedback into the final draft will be received until December 20, 2018. 

Need more information?  Contact Fredericton Transit at 506-460-2200 or transit@fredericton.ca.