Fredericton and Saint Mary’s First Nation Joint Submission Selected as Finalist for Smart Cities Challenge

The City of Fredericton and Saint Mary’s First Nation have been jointly selected as a finalist in the federal government’s Smart Cities Challenge.

The partnership will receive a $250,000 grant from Infrastructure Canada to further develop its final proposal for a $10 million prize to use data and technology to improve quality of life for residents.

The proposal’s theme will be empowerment and inclusion, addressing the following challenge statement (developed through wide-ranging public feedback):

“My city does not recognize me or connect me to what matters most; Fredericton will collaborate with First Nations to create an accessible, welcoming, supportive city for youth, newcomers, and an aging population, empowering everyone with a Personalized Inclusion Plan that connects people to create an exceptional quality of life.”

The grant will be used to explore five projects aimed at creating enhanced data tools for identifying citizens’ unique needs and connecting them to appropriate services and resources:

  1. Digital Fredericton– to improve customer service through e-government services
  2. Appdigenous– to address full participation and independence of those with physical disabilities
  3. Road Home Digital Platform– to end chronic homelessness and reduce the costs of homelessness
  4. Non-profit Data Collaboration– to improve service delivery and sustainability of local non-profit organizations
  5. Real-time Census / Smart City Dashboard– develop customer segmented inclusion plans by personas / target audiences to use to create targeted services

In order move these projects forward, The City of Fredericton and Saint Mary’s First Nation have agreed to enter into a Friendship Accord –  a joint expression of interest to work collectively to mutual benefit with tangible and economic outcomes.

The partnership’s proposal will be submitted later this year. Winning proposals will be selected in Spring 2019.

The City of Fredericton and Saint Mary’s First Nation’s submission was one of 199 applications submitted from communities across Canada. A total of 20 communities have been chosen as finalists to compete for four prizes (one $50 million prize open to a community of any size; two $10 million prizes open to communities with a population of under 500,000, and one $5 million prize open to a community with a population under 30,000).

The partnership’s application, submitted on April 24, was created with the help of the Mayor’s task force and based on public feedback. More than 900 responses were received from the community on a variety of issues ranging from transportation, affordable housing, economic opportunities, feelings of isolation, and the need for better communication and information.  The task force found that the overarching theme was that a smart city should gather data to better understand citizens’ needs and then target services to individuals based on their needs.

Read the full submission – including further details about the projects to be explored for the final proposal – at