Fredericton Transit clarifies policy related to stopping on hills during severe storms

In response to recent comments and questions regarding the new Winter Service Level Standards for Fredericton Transit, in particular the new policy for travel and stopping along hills, we’d like to issue a few points of clarification. 

We recognize that many area residents use Fredericton Transit as their primary means of transportation, and take that responsibility seriously. 

This Service Level Standard seeks to ensure the safety of our passengers, transit operators, and other drivers, and is only in place during severe storm events involving extreme snowfall, ice or freezing rain conditions.  

It is anticipated that the Service Level Standard will primarily impact bus stops on steeper portions of Windsor Street (below Kings College), Biggs Street (southbound stop), Forest Hill Road (10 Carlisle route before PM Bridge), and Fairview Avenue.

During peak periods of extreme storm events, conditions may make it difficult or unsafe for Transit drivers to stop and restart on hills.   To help ensure the safety of passengers, transit operators and other drivers, we are encouraging transit riders who are able, to walk to the nearest stop along a hill where there is less of an incline as this will make it safer for buses to stop.  In most cases this would mean moving one stop in either direction, where the hill flattens out slightly.  Passengers will not be required to walk to the very top or the very bottom of the route in question. 

Transit Operators have always used their discretion when traveling on hills during extreme weather events.  The new Service Level Standard is intended to help inform passengers and other drivers of the challenges of stopping and starting these heavy vehicles on hills during extreme weather and to encourage their assistance with minimizing the need to stop on hills when possible. 

If passengers observe cars sliding during snow events, it is possible buses may also slide or have difficulty stopping.  Operators do their best to communicate with passengers regarding travel conditions and will wait for passengers to get on the bus if they do have to pull past a bus stop in order to stop safely.   As soon as conditions improve transit service will operate as usual.

During all storm events passengers are encouraged to plan ahead and leave extra time for travel due to potential weather related service delays.

Fredericton Transit will actively communicate any route changes or service disruptions in a timely manner.  Riders are encouraged to follow Move with Fredericton Transit , inquire online via this Facebook page, or call Transit dispatch at 506-460-2200 for details.