Imagine Fredericton online survey and community compass tool now available

June 14, 2016 - The City invites the public to share their input on Fredericton’s future through the Imagine Fredericton online survey and community compass tool.

Imagine Fredericton is the exciting community process to create a new Growth Management Strategy and Municipal Plan for Fredericton. The new strategy and plan will help guide the physical development of the city over the next 25 years. The project was officially launched tonight at a public celebration at the Fredericton Convention Centre.

The online survey and community compass tool can be found on the newly-created project website These tools will ask strategic questions at key milestones in the project. In this first phase, participants can identify the places they work, live and play as well as what they love about Fredericton and what places they would like to see improved. This will help with the identification of current patterns and trends in the city and inform the next stage of work for the project.

Over the next 12-to-18 months, there will be a number of consultation opportunities for the public to share their vision. Later this month, the City will unveil the Imagine Fredericton Information Hub in a shipping container near City Hall. The hub will provide members of the pubic with an opportunity to browse project materials, ask questions and share their views in person.

Members of the public can also provide comments on the Imagine Fredericton website and through the project’s social media pages. Visit the project website and follow Imagine Fredericton on Facebook (Imagine Fredericton) and Twitter (@Imagine_Fred) to stay informed about the project.

Fredericton Mayor Mike O’Brien said the City is using a transparent and inclusive process to create the Growth Management Strategy and Municipal Plan, with multiple and diverse opportunities for community input.

“This is a once-in-a-generation opportunity for the public to share their vision for the city,” said Mayor O’Brien. “All public input is valued as we plan for Fredericton’s future.”

About Imagine Fredericton
Through the Imagine Fredericton process, the City will develop a new comprehensive 25-year Growth Management Strategy and Municipal Plan. The strategy and plan will be based on the collective aspirations of citizens on how to best preserve and enhance the city’s quality of life. To this end, the strategy and plan will take into consideration important social, economic and environmental issues and objectives. It will link transportation needs and land use planning and will provide guidance on matters such as environmental protection, open space and community facilities, housing, urban design, heritage protection, and future economic growth.