New approach to the City’s Dutch Elm Disease Management strategy

The City of Fredericton’s Parks & Trees division has shifted its strategy when dealing with elm trees infected with Dutch Elm Disease in Devon and the Downtown Core. A proactive treatment-based management program has replaced the previous reactive approach that focused on the removal of infected trees.

In the past, in order to “slow-the-spread” of Dutch Elm Disease, standard practice was to remove infected trees on private and City property. While this was the most effective means to protect the City’s elms and maintain the tree canopy, it was costly in terms of both human and financial resources.

Current industry standards and best practices show that DutchTrig®, a biological and organic control agent, is more effective at managing Dutch Elm Disease and significantly more cost effective for the City as well as private landowners.

This year, the City is doubling the size of the treatment program initiated in 2018, and there are still some diseased trees that require removal.

This shift in focus comes at critical time, as Parks & Trees is preparing for the imminent arrival of the Emerald Ash Borer, an invasive, wood-boring beetle which will destroy ash trees on public and private property.

For more information visit the City’s webpage at and search “Parks and Trees”.