New Municipal Plan draft “imagines” future for growing city

Public input sought by July 25

After more than a year of extensive engagement with hundreds of community stakeholders as part of the Imagine Fredericton public participation process, the City of Fredericton has released the draft of its new Municipal Plan for input from the public by Thursday, July 25, 2019. 

The Plan defines a dynamic vision for Fredericton, one that supports a diverse and growing city, and is intended to guide the city’s development for the next 25 years.

“We are truly excited about this new Municipal Plan,” says Fredericton Mayor Mike O’Brien. “Not only is it one of the largest community engagement processes we have undertaken, but it also has all of the ingredients needed to create a city all our residents can enjoy well into the future. Be sure to read the draft and provide comment.”

The draft Plan is organized into four key sections: a vision for the future; shaping growth; building a successful city; and implementation. It builds on the current Municipal Plan by recognizing the nine Community Goals in the Fredericton Growth Strategy: 

  • Welcoming and Supportive
  • Strong and Diverse Economy
  • Culturally Rich and Diverse
  • Complete Neighbourhoods and Distinctive Places
  • Vibrant Downtown and Riverfront
  • Complete Transportation System
  • Safe and Inviting Public Realm
  • Green and Healthy
  • Sustainable and Efficient

Imagine Fredericton was a community process to create a new Growth Strategy and Municipal Plan for Fredericton.  Both the Strategy and Plan will provide a policy framework to guide the physical development of the city.  Once the public input has been received, the draft Plan will go to City Council in August to begin the formal adoption process.

To review the draft Plan, visit or contact the City’s Community Planning Division at 506-460-2485 or