Online Volunteer Tool for Non-Profits Arrives Through Collaborative Effort

Volunteer Greater Fredericton, United Way, Centre communautaire Sainte-Anne, and the Age-Friendly Committee of the City of Fredericton have joined together to offer a new online volunteer matching tool to make getting involved much easier. provides a free service designed to promote volunteerism and community engagement in Fredericton, and that will collect and house the many opportunities available to anyone looking on one website.

The new online site will allow individuals to explore the many volunteer opportunities in their community, without the challenge of searching multiple platforms. The site will also provide agencies the means to promote their volunteer needs and special events to a larger audience.

People interested in building new community connections can broadly search this user-friendly site for volunteer opportunities and events, narrow the search based on their own interests, or create their own personal profile for refined searches and automatic notifications.

Funders for the project include the New Horizons for Seniors Program, Economic and Social Inclusion Corporation and the City of Fredericton.



“Most often, the reason people say they don’t volunteer is because no one asked them. With, we’re making it easy for community groups to ask for the support and talent they need,” said Susanne White, Chair of Volunteer Greater Fredericton. “We know that people are ready to help out; they just need to know how,” she added.

"We at Chimo were able to find three enthusiastic volunteers to help with our Dinner & Show event with the volunteer matching tool before it had even been promoted,” said Emily Donnelly, Development Officer at Chimo Helpline. “We know this will be a valuable tool for nom-profits and charities to find volunteers, and for volunteers to find opportunities that match their needs and interests."

“The Centre communautaire Sainte-Anne is very proud to be a partner with This new platform will meet a multitude of needs in our community, while creating strong links between the various stakeholders. It will encourage and facilitate community engagement and create a strong sense of belonging to an inclusive and diverse community “, mentioned Denis Gallant, chair of the conseil du Centre communautaire Sainte-Anne.

“The Prime Time Volunteer designation will identify suitable volunteer matches for boomers and seniors who have the gift of time and wish to share their skills, experiences and connections,” said Carol Morrison, Chair of Prime Time Volunteers Committee. “Seniors who are involved in their community lead more active, engaged and healthy lives. This creates a Win-Win situation for both seniors and their community.

“Volunteerism is one of the many ways we can improve our community and change lives. We are so honoured to collaborate on this project to make it easier for community members to get involved,” said Jeff Richardson, Executive Director at United Way. “Our donors and volunteers are constantly seeking opportunities to get involved and by creating this gateway it further enables their ability to enact change.”

“The City of Fredericton has added a series of technological tools to help Frederictonians with their day-to-day activities including Ready Pass, Hot Spot, Digital Fredericton, free Wi-Fi throughout the City and the airport,” said Sebastián, Community Liaison and Planner with the City of Fredericton. “Connect Fredericton is one more way in which technology is being used to bring people together to achieve common goals, help others in need, and also to engage in face-to-face interaction that helps create community and improves social health.”

About United Way of Central New Brunswick:

United Way/Centraide of Central N.B. is an incorporated non-profit charitable organization focused on supporting the healthy development of our community. In addition to running an annual fundraising campaign to support a vital network of human service programs, we work in collaboration with people from political, corporate, labour and social service sectors to create capacity within the communities we serve, and to create community impact.

About the Volunteer Greater Fredericton:

Volunteer Greater Fredericton opened its virtual doors in April, 2012 for the purpose of creating volunteer connections for a stronger community. This volunteer based organization acts to promote and celebrate volunteerism, build capacity for effective local volunteerism through education and partnership, and provide leadership on issues relating to volunteerism. This includes sharing information on volunteer opportunities, facilitating learning events, and co-hosting an Annual Appreciation Event for Star Volunteers.

About the Centre communautaire:

Le Centre communautaire Sainte-Anne (CCSA) opened its doors in June 1978. It is therefore celebrating its 40th anniversary this year: 40 years of groundwork and determined struggle but, more importantly, 40 years of accomplishment, innovation, and outreach. The Francophone community in the Fredericton area, estimated at nearly 10,000 residents, has never been as strong or as active. It makes a huge contribution to the social and economic vitality of the Fredericton area. The CCSA was the first centre of its kind to be established in Canada. Today, there are about 30 such centres across the country. Over the years, the CCSA has become a role model by virtue of its many quality services, its permanent team of dedicated professionals, the 20 organizations affiliated with it, and the hundreds of volunteers who work relentlessly for their community.

Le Centre communautaire Sainte-Anne is the place to thrive in French in the Fredericton area.

About Age-Friendly Committee:
The Fredericton Age-Friendly Community Advisory Committee is dedicated to working towards the betterment of life for seniors in our community. As a sub-committee of Fredericton City Council, the committee is comprised of a cross-section of individual seniors, representatives of seniors groups, a city councillor, and relevant agency representatives.