Partnership will create blueprint for green energy future in Fredericton

June 16, 2016 - The City of Fredericton has entered into a partnership with MCW Custom Energy Solutions Ltd. to build a renewable energy strategy for the future.  The strategy will help to create a blueprint for a green energy future moving forward, positioning Fredericton as a leader in renewable energy technology. 

MCW has built a solid reputation for the delivery of professional management services and, by the very nature of the solutions provided, they’ve helped to create the environments required to live and work sustainably.  This philosophy is in line with Fredericton’s smart and sustainable guiding vision, making for an ideal partnership.
“This is an exciting effort that will enhance our reputation as a ‘green’ city,” said Fredericton Mayor Mike O’Brien.  “We will work with the consultant, our staff, and the public to develop this important strategy.”

The City’s work with MCW Custom Energy Solutions Ltd. will be to explore, identify, and prioritize renewable energy projects across the City’s facilities and operations, working towards a measured approach for project selection, investment, and implementation. 

"Reducing our reliance on fossil fuels is not only environmentally responsible, but will also stimulate economic development and job creation around the research and implementation of the resulting technologies and installations," added Mayor O’Brien.

Further to this, the partnership aims to facilitate relationship with the private sector, universities and colleges, NB Power, and other agencies necessary to develop and deploy renewable energy solutions in a controlled setting.  The goal is to create a test bed for innovation by local and regional companies that are working to advance the smart energy sector. 

This partnership is an extension of renewable energy projects previously implemented over the past few years in various City facilities.  Some examples include the Grant-Harvey Centre geothermal system, solar hot water systems at Kimble Fire Station and Northside Fire Station, and an ammonia heat recovery system at the LBR. 

Further implementation or investment in renewable energy projects can be an opportunity for the City to re-engage with the community and become a leader in environmental outreach in the smart energy sector and frame a broader discussion around Greenhouse gas emissions and our future. 

The City issued a Request for Proposals (RFP) in February 2016 to identify a consultant/developer in the renewable energy sector to partner with the City to develop a renewable energy strategy and plan.  MCW was the successful proponent in this process and best met the City’s requirement for partnership.

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